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Injectable Treatment

Im Vitamin

Injectable vitamins are intramuscular injections that deliver vitamins and amino acids to the muscle tissue to promote the efficient absorption of vital nutrients for different needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Suitable For Vitamin Injection?

Vitamins are very important for our health. If you are an active person, you may feel exhausted from your daily life and need an extra booster for your body, skin, and mind. You may seek the nutrition of vitamins, but this intramuscular treatment helps you to save time and it is more effective. 

How Will I Benefit From Vitamin Injection?

The main benefits of vitamin injection can be listed as below: 

Helps losing fat

Boosts immune system

Boosts energy and keeps you active

Repairs muscles after gym/sports

For How Long Can I Expect To See Results?

The results can be felt 15 minutes later then the injection.

How Regularly Should I Have IM Vitamin Treatment?

This depends on your needs and expectations. We do not recommend you to have vitamin injections in short intervals and very hot summer days.


Im Vitamin
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